Gung Pow

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Microgaming as one of the top online gambling software developers in history is constantly looking to impress their loyal fans. They do this by releasing new slots every month of the year, each month their slots become more impressive. Well in the year of 2015 things will be no different as already Microgaming is teasing games from their upcoming 2015 lineup, this is truly incredible as most developers just tease new slots to be released later on in the same month. One of the first new slots you will be playing in 2015 in Gung Power, a Chinese themed slot that is sure to impress punters everywhere.


Gung Power is being designed as a 5 reel, 243 payline video slot. The theme of this slot centers around Chinese Holiday’s, more specifically the new year. While playing this slot you see various things appear on the reels such as Lanterns, Fireworks of all different kinds, themed poker symbols and gongs. Game feature wise all we know is that there will be free spins available for punters which most likely means scatters. We also know that you can win a maximum of ninety thousand credits through the free spins feature.

Those wishing to play Gung Pow easily can do so when it is released in early 2015, you can expect this slot to hit the market roughly around January or February. Currently you can experience an array of different slots under the Microgaming platform include The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Thunderstruck II. Each one of their slots providing an adrenaline rushed gambling experience from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

Regulated Online Gambling

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Ontario is the largest province in terms of population for the country of Canada. Southern Ontario has massive infrastructure that resembles the likes of some of America’s largest cities. Today it was revealed that regulated online gambling will be coming to the province of Ontario. Ontario will now be joining the likes of Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec and the Maritime provinces to offer regulated online gambling to their citizens.

ontario map

This announcement didn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the “Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation” teased the impending launch of regulated online gambling. They noted that there is roughly fifty thousand plus individuals in Ontario that would love to play in a regulated online gambling market. This new online casino operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation will be offering players blackjack, arcade styled games, online video poker and slots.

It’s estimated that roughly five hundred thousand people gamble online in the province of Ontario. It’s also estimated that roughly $400 to $500 Million is spent per quarter by these online punters. This new regulated website is hoping to gain a small percentage of this market for right now and hopefully gain a major percentage of the market in the future. Earning a large percentage of the market would allow for Ontario to begin to pay off the $12 Million Budget Deficit they currently have.

We shall keep you updated on how this new regulated online casino impacts the Ontario Online Gambling Industry. It’ll be interesting to see if the government can gain the main stronghold in the market.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

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Atlantic City has been undergoing some rough times with their land based gambling industry. While their online gambling industry continues to prosper their land based gambling industry has been slowly dying. This information comes from four land based casinos being sold in Atlantic City. Luckily there is a new land based casino in development which would be located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, this would give it access to thousands of people who never thought they’d gamble.

atlantic city

This new casino is technically Revel Casino which was just sold a week ago for $110 Million. This casino was only built two years ago but the Brookfield Asset Management LLC, the company that purchased Revel Casino will be going in development to re-structure the inside of this casino as well as the outside of this casino. Brookfield Asset Management LLC was able to purchase Revel Casino for a extremely good deal as the casino was built for $2.4 Billion. Since they only paid $110 Million for this casino they’ll be able to re-create the outside and inside without having to spend the same amount that this casino was built for.

Brookfield Management LLC has openly said that they will be making this casino an attraction for not only gamblers but also family’s as well. They’ll be bringing a number of attractions that can cater towards children such as a water park or playground. This will make Revel Casino into a resort which can bring major tourism to Atlantic City.

We’ll inform you of all new information announced regarding the re-opening of this casino in the future.

Casino Cruise Opens Their Doors

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A brand new casino is on the scene and this casino looks like it’s heading down the right path to a good amount of popularity. This new casino is called “Casino Cruise” and it is now currently live. Looking at this casino for the first time you will notice its sleek black design and HD Visuals. You will also notice that on the homepage it promotes a $2,000 & 100 Free Spins Cashable Bonus for all new punters. This means that you will have a ton of money to gamble with and you could even trigger big wins with your free one hundred free spins.


Casino Cruise is owned by OddsMatrix, their offering four different platforms as of right now to their punters. You can either play Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Vivo Gaming or Play ‘n Go. As of right now Casino Cruise is browser based which means that you don’t have to download the casino onto your PC. This isn’t a bad thing though as this means you can play at this casino on your Desktop, Laptop or Windows Tablet. There is no word if they’ll offer a downloadable version of the casino in the future or a mobile version of the casino.
Anyone wanting to experience this new casino and their large variety of games can do so by signing up a player account with them today. You will find incredible customer service, great promotions, amazing experiences and so much more with Casino Cruise.

PayPal Possibly Returning To U.S

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PayPal, the largest online E-Wallet could very well be returning to the United States market in the next upcoming months. If the reports are true then PayPal will be returning to offer their payment services for online gamblers in the US. These services will only be available in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. PayPal stands as the most trusted branded E-Wallet around the globe and as one of the largest payment processors it came as a shock when they left the US Market. Regardless if you are making a purchase through the Internet, transferring money into your bank account of simply just managing your funds you will be able to potentially once again use PayPal as your online service within the next few months.


Credit Cards can be an incredible thing when it comes to purchasing items off of the internet but the fact of the matter is that you credit cards can be hacked, you spend more money then you attended due to interest and they can put you in a hole which seems impossible to get out of. That’s why using services such as PayPal or Skrill are valuable tools for those who spend their time on the internet or gamble online.

The thing about online gambling is that it can be available to anyone at any time. Unlike a land based casino which is only open for a certain period of time and could be miles upon miles away from your home. That’s why online gambling and mobile gambling have dwarfed the land based gambling industry. Having PayPal enter the industry once again will allow for online gambling/mobile gambling to grow again as a lot of players don’t trust anyone else other then PayPal.

Mansion Poker

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Mansion Poker, a well known online poker hall announced that at the mid-way through September they will be closing down their operations in the United Kingdom. As of September 15th Mansion Poker will no longer be available in the United Kingdom, the reasoning for their closing is because of the upcoming new regulations being implemented within the UK.


Those punters who play at Mansion Poker have already been expressing their disappointment towards the shut down. Those players are being referred over to TitanBet Poker, an equal poker service that will allow for them to still enjoy an incredible online poker experience. Those VIP Players at Mansion Casino will be able to remain as a VIP Player at TitanBet Poker, allowing for those players to receive a 200% match bonus upon their transfer over to TitanBet.

The United Kingdom Government has initiated the closing of many different online casinos and poker halls within their country. The reasoning for this is because the UK Government is requiring that in the near future all operators who wish to offer their gambling services in the UK will have to pay a tax which would greatly affect their costs. As of right now the steep tax stands at 15%, that tax applies to each software the casino licenses. That means offering dozens of different software’s at one casino would cost more than what the casino could afford.

This announcement was revealed through an email that Mansion Poker sent out to each of their customers, which read: “Due to changing regulations regarding online gaming in the United Kingdom, we must inform you that Mansion Poker is required to close its doors to UK players on September 15th, 2014. As a result, we kindly request that you withdraw any and all funds you have in your Mansion Poker account.”

Dutch Online Gambling Legislation Delays

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Online gambling was once a high and mighty one for the Dutch. It was found to be profitable for nearly all who gambled in Holland and the Netherlands, but unfortunately with the European Union beginning to regulate online gambling, the Dutch did the same. Netherland Officials stated that they have had series delays with legislating the new online gambling laws for Holland and the Netherlands. This comes as a surprise to many as online gambling will be able to bring in a mass amount of taxes for the Netherlands and Holland Governments.

netherlands flag

Unfortunately regulation has been progressing slowly in the European Union. Every country connected to one another in the European Union have been spending time figuring out different laws which would allow them to tax online gambling, fine those who break laws and give them prison time. This takes a long period of time for any government to do, the United Kingdom is nearly finished their regulation. Within the next two years every country in the European Union and surrounding it will offer regulated online gambling. This will allow for Europe to grow like no other economy on the planet.

Dutch Officials have yet to make any comments relating as to when these legislations will be put into office or as to when we can expect legal, regulated online gambling to be a factor within the Netherlands and Holland. We will keep you informed on whatever might occur in the future for online gambling in Holland and the Netherlands.

Big Fish Gaming Releases New Slots

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Big Fish Gaming isn’t your average gaming site. They offer games for multiple different types of gaming including Social Casino Games, PC Games, Mac Games, Instant Play Games and Mobile Slots. Whatever you like Big Fish has it for you to play. Today Big Fish revealed that they have released a series of new slots for their fans to enjoy, these specific slots have been developed for their mobile Big Fish Casino App. The expansion will not only allow for them to grow their repertoire but it will also allow for them to gain new players at the casinos that offer their gambling platform.

Big Fish logo

The General Manager at Big Fish Gaming stated the following, “Seventy Six percent of our punters prefer slots over any other game type. It is for this reason that we develop slots over any other casino game and throughout the years we have fine crafted our ability to new heights. We can honestly now say that we provide our gamblers with an experience that cannot be matched by many of our competitors. We can only hope that through these new slots our mobile casino app will be downloaded more and that we’ll be able to gain new players.”

Big Fish Gaming is still a small time software developer in the eyes of the online gambling industry. You can expect to hear more about them in the future, they will eventually become one of the big names in the industry as they are currently on the path to becoming one as of right now.

Amaya Gaming Purchases PokerStars for $4.9 Billion

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Amaya Gaming, an online gambling operator based out of Canada revealed today that they have purchased PokerStars for $4.9 Billion. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as there has been a number of rumors relating to Amaya Gaming purchasing PokerStars for the last two weeks. Punters loved the idea of Amaya Gaming purchasing PokerStars as it meant that the poker firm will lose their bad reputation they have made throughout the last couple of years in the United States of America.

pokerstars logo

Purchasing PokerStars means that Amaya Gaming now owns one of the largest poker firms known around the globe. Though it’ll be a long time before Amaya Gaming see’s their investment returned to them as $4.9 Billion is a massive amount of money for anyone company. Amaya Gaming purchased PokerStars for more money than Apple did with Dr. Dre Beats, this just shows how popular PokerStars truly is.
Since Amaya Gaming will now be operating PokerStars there is a good chance that the poker firm could be making their way to the USA Online Gambling Markets located in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Previously PokerStars couldn’t receive an online gambling license in these states as the rational group has a bad reputation with money laundering in the United States of America.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on all the recent information relating towards PokerStars future within the online gambling market. You can be ensured that Amaya Gaming will do everything in their power in order to help PokerStars become the house hold name it used to be.

Jackpot Won Playing Famed Treasure Nile Slot

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Treasure Nile is a well known Egyptian based video slot developed by Microgaming. Treasure Nile stands as one of their older slot machines but none the less it still provides an exciting experience, so exciting that after all of these years punters still flock to Treasure Nile in order to play this slot.

Treasure Nile has been designed as a 5 reel, 9 payline video slot. This game offers punters multiple game features in order to better those punters chances at triggering large winning combinations. These game features include the wild symbol which has been designed as the Pyramid. Landing on any amount of the wild pyramids will allow for multiple winning combinations to be added into your bankroll. The second game feature is the scatter Scarab symbol, landing on three of these symbols will allow for you to earn a large payout.

While playing this slot you get a sense of how much effort Microgaming put into developing this slot. You will see a variety of symbols on the reels, each symbol is designed with immense detail which in return allows for the experience to be enjoyable for everyone involved. You’ll see symbols such as a Pharaoh, Pyramid, Pillar, Boat, Religious artifacts and so much more. This slot also boasts a progressive jackpot, allowing for punters to win an unknown amount of money at any money.

Treasure Nile can be played by registering an account with any Microgaming licensed casino.