Samba Carnival Released by Play’n Go

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Play’n Go

Samba Carnival is the latest slot to come from the development staff at “Play’n Go”. Today the developers announce the release of their latest slot, which gives players the chance to go down to Brazil for their largest yearly celebration.

samba carnival

This casino game is colorful, sporting fireworks in its background that can be seen miles away from the grass that you as a player in the game lay on. The reels on the other hand showcase various fruits like watermelon, oranges, pineapple. There are also salsa dancers, Morocco’s and so much more to be seen on the reels. This makes for a visually exciting title. The features added into this game include wilds, gamble features and win multipliers. The win multiplier can reach up to 150x, this means that any win triggered would be times by the amount of one hundred and fifty. This would provide more than likely a life changing win.

Play’n Go commented with a short statement on this games release, saying, “Samba Carnival is now available to be played at all casinos licensing out our platform. There’s nothing quite like this title on our platform so we can only hope our loyal fans take well to what we’ve developed for them.”

Anyone wishing to experience this game in the upcoming future or today can do so now. Just find one of Play’n Go’s casinos. There’ll be Samba Carnival as well as hundreds of other slots available to whomever does. This game alone shall provide a memorable experience for punters.

New Video Slot Released by Slotland

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Slotland has released a brand new video slot to their players. One of the aspects about their video poker slots is that they all resemble one another in design but play differently from one another. Joker Wild is the latest poker title available to be played, it’s been developed by the minds at Slotland casino which is why it’ll remain exclusive to these operators.


Joker Wild is played with a fifty-two card deck and one joker, the joker serves as a wild card in this game which’ll provide a far greater opportunity to winning a large win. Those whom play this game will find that the betting options range from $0.10 to $5.00 per hand. This is a reasonable amount to ask out of punters. The maximum win available to be won through this poker game is $20,000 which is one of the larger amounts able to be won via Slotland’s poker titles.
The Casino Manager at Slotland, Michael Hilary stated during an interview, “We’re currently developing three other video poker titles for our fans to enjoy. Just like slots, video poker is a game that is easy and quick to play. Throughout the course of 2016 we plan on introducing several new iterations of video poker and new video slots as well.”

It looks like Slotland is looking to release an exclusive new title to their casino which every month in the upcoming new year. This could allow for them to receive an entirely new level of popularity amongst the online gambling market.

Dual Play Roulette Launched by Evolution Gaming

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Evolution Gaming, a software developer which has been able to continuously raise its level of popularity will surely be able to do it once again with the launch of their latest game “Dual Play Roulette”. Currently this game is only available at Dragonara Casino but it’s slated to be released at a variety of other casinos in the upcoming weeks. This is more than likely due to the fact that Dragonara Casino paid a premium in order to have exclusive rights to this game for the next few weeks.

Evolution Gaming

This game is unique in the sense that it’ll allow for punters to play alongside one another while playing this game. This means that you’ll be able to interact with your fellow players on a whole new level via web cameras and microphones. This in return only makes the gambling experience offered through this game far more exciting, enjoyable and playable. This marks the first premium roulette title to be released on this casino in months.

The CEO of Evolution Gaming, Jens von Bahr commented on the launch of this casino game stating, “Live Casino is becoming the natural bridge between online and land-based gameplay. Dual play only closes the gap of that bridge further as it allows for punters to interact with one another in the same way they would the deal.”

It seems that Evolution Gaming is not just excited about this game but highly confident about it as well. If they truly are the natural bridge between these two different gambling formats then Evolution Gaming will become a premium leader in both industries.

Koi Princess Teased by NetEnt

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NetEnt, one of the most formidable software developer in the internet gambling industry has teased their upcoming slot “Koi Princess”. This slot takes heavily on the anime art form while providing a diverse theme at the same time.


Those at NetEnt who are completing the final touches of this slot revealed that Koi Princess is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that features wilds, wild reels, scatters, free spins and a bonus reel. When spinning the reels things such as dragons, standard slot icons, various statues and more will make appearances. This slot is currently slot to be released on November 24th, 2015. It’ll be released at an array of different NetEnt licensed online casinos.

One of the first casinos to have access to Koi Princess will be Gala Coral. This is due to the fact that NetEnt recently announced that Gala Coral is one of the latest casinos to license out their software. All NetEnt casinos games currently available and set to be released in the future will be available at this casino. Unfortunately there is no statement released by NetEnt as of right now. There is also no word as to what the maximum amount available to be won either. It’s expected that more will be said about this slot when its released on November 24th.

Those wishing to gain more insight on how this slot looks, potentially plays & pays out can do so by going to the NetEnt YouTube channel. There is a video preview of Koi Princess available to be seen today.

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Taken at 888 Casino

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888 Casino is considered to be one of the most beloved online casinos within the European Union as well as North America. Every month thousands of punters go to the casino to gamble. This month was no different for one fortunate punter who was able to win $2,032,752 while playing the classic video slot developed by Random Logic Gaming “Millionaire Genie”.

888 Casino

Details on this progressive jackpot win have been slightly hazy as of right now. The reasoning for this is because this jackpot win was only won twenty four hours ago. This marks the ninth progressive jackpot win to be triggered in this slot since it was first released to the online gambling market back in 2010. 888 Casino more than likely won’t reveal any details regarding this win as most progressive winning punters opt out of revealing any information about themselves. This progressive jackpot can be won when players land on three of the Genie symbols at the same time. The amount of money triggered will allow for any wish that player has to be granted. This $2,032,752 progressive win also marks the largest progressive jackpot to be triggered on this slot.

Whomever wishes to have their opportunity at winning this slots progressive or just wishes to experience what this slot has to offer only have to make an account with 888 Casino. It’ll be noted that a valid payment method shall be required for the registration to be complete. Doing so could mean a life altering win in a players future though.

Super Lady Luck Teased By iSoftBet Gaming

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iSoftBet Gaming, one of the leading software developer in the online and mobile gambling markets has teased their upcoming video slot “Super Lady Luck”. This slot obviously takes place in a world of super heroes, villains and more.

iSoftBet Gaming

This video slot has been developed as a 5 reel, 243 way to win video slot. The superhero theme will be evident from the moment this game is loaded. Features such as the wheel of fortune, wilds, free spins, scatters and two progressive jackpots await those who play this upcoming slot. Visually speaking bright neon colors, a golden mist and a Paris landscape is designed into this game. This’ll make for a more exciting feature. There hasn’t been a specific reveal date for this slot as of right now. It’s suspected that this game will make its way to casinos supporting the iSoftBet Gaming platform in the first two weeks of September. Those wishing to gain more of a sense of this slot can do so by going to the iSoftBet Gaming YouTube Channel, they have released a preview of this game to the public.

No statements have been made as of right now regarding this slot. Those statements will more than likely be kept for the release date of this slot. Those wishing to access this future casino game must be signed up with an online casino which supports the iSoftBet Gaming platform, register an account with that said casino and then await for the welcome bonus. Hundreds of casino games will await those who do.

The Big One Mega Cash Progressive Triggered

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The Big One Progressives are a special progressive based jackpot that is only available at Party Casino. One fortunate online punter has been able to trigger the “Big One Mega Cash” progressive, winning a total of $126,808 in the process. This is an astonishing win to say the least.


Party Casino has yet to reveal as to how this progressive jackpot was triggered. Party Casino did reveal that this is the ninety ninth time that this progressive jackpot has been triggered and that the winning player made a statement. The winning player’s statement reads as follows, “You read about these progressive wins but never think it would be you. I’m still in that phase of shock and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with my winnings. A vacation is probably down the road after I set up my children/”
The Big One Progressive jackpots are available on a variety of different Party Casino slots. Normally the Mega Cash version of this progressive pays out $97,161, meaning that this punter exceeded the normal amount. This progressive is won roughly on an average of every three weeks as well. Those who want to have their chance at winning this progressive jackpot can do so when signing up an account at Party Casino.

Not only will an array of astonishing slots be available to players but a welcome bonus is also given to all new punters at the casino. If any more information is released on this jackpot win you’ll be able to find it right here.

Lithuania Legalizing Online Gambling

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The President of the country Lithuania, Dailia Grybauskaite was pleased to announce that he has signed an amendment which will enact new gambling laws to the country within the upcoming weeks. This announcement has ensured Lithuanians that an online gambling market will be coming to the country.

The Lithuanian President showcased his knowledge on political matters as in the process of signing this document he noted the following “Lithuania and the Netherlands are the only two countries in the European Union that don’t have a regulated online betting industry. This move was necessary in order to have our citizens pressured into using unregulated sites which can have money and personal information stolen.”


This show’s that Mr. Grybauskaite is up to date with current issues in the European Union & that he’s willing to cater to them. He also noted that those casinos that wish to offer an online casino in the country will need to be surprised & licensed by the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority. Offshore casinos will also not be able to operate within the country which means that a base of operations will also have to be set up in Lithuania. This’ll allow for a large amount of extra income to be provided to Lithuania.

Before these changes can be finalized, the European Commission has to approve these new laws and confirm that they adhere to the level of honorability that the European Union has been able to receive. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes but that’ll most likely not be the case.

BoyleSports Interested In Purchasing Ladbrokes Retail

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BoyleSports, the Irish based gambling firm has expressed their interest in purchasing the Irish based retail sector of the United Kingdom based company “Ladbrokes”. In recent years Ladbrokes has been bleeding out their money in order to gain a foothold once again in the industry like they had once before but so far their attempts have failed and BoyleSports interest could spark new popularity.

The Irish Retail Sector of Ladbrokes has been particularly doing horrible in recent years. So much so that the High Court of Ireland appointed that a rescue bid for the retail sector of these sports betting retail firms could be a possibility in upcoming months. Though the high court hasn’t made this official it seems that BoyleSports suspects that this’ll be the case and their willing to allow for this takeover to occur before the High Court has any say in the matter.

Unfortunately Ladbrokes hasn’t reached out to BoyleSports as of right now or haven’t made any statements regarding interest in the offer. This isn’t surprising as the owners of Ladbrokes are vastly stubborn asnd known for doing more bad then good with their company due to not being able to receive help from outside sources. None the less the High Court will put the rescue bid up for auction in the next month or so in which BoyleSports will purchase Ladbrokes Ireland & save 250 Jobs in the process.

We will inform you as to what BoyleSports and Ladbrokes intend on doing in the next month once that information becomes readily available.

Pyscho Slot

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Throughout the years since film was first invented in the 1890’s, there have been a series of films that have influenced films that we still watch to this very day. Each genre of film has one classic film that has defined the genre. Those who enjoy gangster films know that the movie that defined the genre is “The Godfather”, for those who enjoy Musical’s you’d know that it was the “Sound of Music” that defined that genre and for those who love Horror films you’d know that it was “Pyscho” that defined that genre. It’s been years since we’ve seen the film re-made as it is a classic but you can experience the world all over again through NextGen Gaming’s video slot “Pyscho”.


The release date for this slot hasn’t been officially dated as of right now. We do know a few details regarding what this slot is. We know that it will be a 5 reel, 25 payline that offers players a variety of different features. You’ll be able to trigger Win Multipliers, Free Spins, Wilds & more through this slots game features. Apparently NextGen Gaming has taken this slot to the next level in order to make it truly horrific, you’ll hear the horrifying Pyscho theme music and when spinning the reels the symbols will come to life with certain iconic moments from the film.

Those wishing to play this slot will first have to wait until it is released later on in the first quarter of the year. We’ll update you on the release date on this video slot once it is announced by NextGen Gaming.