3-betting is Completely Overrated

3-betting, as stated in an article on Wikipedia, is when one places an opening raise equal to three times the big blind. Poker players have used this methods many times and players who are just coming into poker use 3-betting to win big or try to bluff. The whole idea behind 3-betting is to re-raise when someone else raises. This is basically like saying “my cards are even better”. Some players would also use this to raise the pot in the first round. For example; if the standard buy-in is $1.00, some players would raise this amount to win the big and small blind. Other players wait till they are the last to call the hand and then increase the bet. The idea is to scare off the other players and make them fold, this will provide you with the money set in the pot already.

Many poker players have picked up on this and would call on the hand when their cards are good enough. This usually calls for a very interesting hand to take place as bets are high. Some players would even re-raise the amount set by the player who increased the amount in the first place. This is known as a reverse 3-bet and most of the time it would make the player who bet high in the first place fold, which either means they were bluffing or can’t afford to take the chance.

Being predictable with your poker game makes players bring in the 3-betting method. You will also be able to use the 3-betting option against other players who are predictable. Don’t do it every time otherwise you also become predictable and players will start to call you when actually you are just bluffing due to a player being predictable. It’s also important to remember players who get upset because they keep folding due to your 3-betting are likely to reverse 3bet you when a good hand comes their way.

The reason 3-betting is over rated is because players use it non-stop and try to win every hand with it. Sure you will win many hands, but your profits are small became it will only be the first round or not everyone else has placed a bet yet. Players who 3-bet a lot will also start playing bigger amounts in each hand and start bluffing as they think it will keep working no matter what, but if you are bluffing and a player decides to call you with a good hand you are very likely to lose a lot more than you have made. So 3-bet only when the hands are up and you actually have something to show for the amount you are raising.

Seeing someone who 3-bets is quite easy as they will raise the bet by a large amount most of the time to try make other players back off and fold. If they do it on a regular basis it’s rather safe to expect them to bluff most of the time, but its risking to call their raise as they could have a good hand in the round where you want to call them. These players make or break their bankroll very quickly, it all depends on the players against them.

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