Samba Carnival Released by Play’n Go

Posted by admin on January 28, 2016

Play’n Go

Samba Carnival is the latest slot to come from the development staff at “Play’n Go”. Today the developers announce the release of their latest slot, which gives players the chance to go down to Brazil for their largest yearly celebration.

samba carnival

This casino game is colorful, sporting fireworks in its background that can be seen miles away from the grass that you as a player in the game lay on. The reels on the other hand showcase various fruits like watermelon, oranges, pineapple. There are also salsa dancers, Morocco’s and so much more to be seen on the reels. This makes for a visually exciting title. The features added into this game include wilds, gamble features and win multipliers. The win multiplier can reach up to 150x, this means that any win triggered would be times by the amount of one hundred and fifty. This would provide more than likely a life changing win.

Play’n Go commented with a short statement on this games release, saying, “Samba Carnival is now available to be played at all casinos licensing out our platform. There’s nothing quite like this title on our platform so we can only hope our loyal fans take well to what we’ve developed for them.”

Anyone wishing to experience this game in the upcoming future or today can do so now. Just find one of Play’n Go’s casinos. There’ll be Samba Carnival as well as hundreds of other slots available to whomever does. This game alone shall provide a memorable experience for punters.

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