Lithuania Legalizing Online Gambling

Posted by admin on June 11, 2015

The President of the country Lithuania, Dailia Grybauskaite was pleased to announce that he has signed an amendment which will enact new gambling laws to the country within the upcoming weeks. This announcement has ensured Lithuanians that an online gambling market will be coming to the country.

The Lithuanian President showcased his knowledge on political matters as in the process of signing this document he noted the following “Lithuania and the Netherlands are the only two countries in the European Union that don’t have a regulated online betting industry. This move was necessary in order to have our citizens pressured into using unregulated sites which can have money and personal information stolen.”


This show’s that Mr. Grybauskaite is up to date with current issues in the European Union & that he’s willing to cater to them. He also noted that those casinos that wish to offer an online casino in the country will need to be surprised & licensed by the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority. Offshore casinos will also not be able to operate within the country which means that a base of operations will also have to be set up in Lithuania. This’ll allow for a large amount of extra income to be provided to Lithuania.

Before these changes can be finalized, the European Commission has to approve these new laws and confirm that they adhere to the level of honorability that the European Union has been able to receive. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes but that’ll most likely not be the case.

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