BoyleSports Interested In Purchasing Ladbrokes Retail

Posted by admin on May 27, 2015


BoyleSports, the Irish based gambling firm has expressed their interest in purchasing the Irish based retail sector of the United Kingdom based company “Ladbrokes”. In recent years Ladbrokes has been bleeding out their money in order to gain a foothold once again in the industry like they had once before but so far their attempts have failed and BoyleSports interest could spark new popularity.

The Irish Retail Sector of Ladbrokes has been particularly doing horrible in recent years. So much so that the High Court of Ireland appointed that a rescue bid for the retail sector of these sports betting retail firms could be a possibility in upcoming months. Though the high court hasn’t made this official it seems that BoyleSports suspects that this’ll be the case and their willing to allow for this takeover to occur before the High Court has any say in the matter.

Unfortunately Ladbrokes hasn’t reached out to BoyleSports as of right now or haven’t made any statements regarding interest in the offer. This isn’t surprising as the owners of Ladbrokes are vastly stubborn asnd known for doing more bad then good with their company due to not being able to receive help from outside sources. None the less the High Court will put the rescue bid up for auction in the next month or so in which BoyleSports will purchase Ladbrokes Ireland & save 250 Jobs in the process.

We will inform you as to what BoyleSports and Ladbrokes intend on doing in the next month once that information becomes readily available.

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