Atlantic City Boardwalk

Posted by admin on October 31, 2014

Atlantic City has been undergoing some rough times with their land based gambling industry. While their online gambling industry continues to prosper their land based gambling industry has been slowly dying. This information comes from four land based casinos being sold in Atlantic City. Luckily there is a new land based casino in development which would be located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, this would give it access to thousands of people who never thought they’d gamble.

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This new casino is technically Revel Casino which was just sold a week ago for $110 Million. This casino was only built two years ago but the Brookfield Asset Management LLC, the company that purchased Revel Casino will be going in development to re-structure the inside of this casino as well as the outside of this casino. Brookfield Asset Management LLC was able to purchase Revel Casino for a extremely good deal as the casino was built for $2.4 Billion. Since they only paid $110 Million for this casino they’ll be able to re-create the outside and inside without having to spend the same amount that this casino was built for.

Brookfield Management LLC has openly said that they will be making this casino an attraction for not only gamblers but also family’s as well. They’ll be bringing a number of attractions that can cater towards children such as a water park or playground. This will make Revel Casino into a resort which can bring major tourism to Atlantic City.

We’ll inform you of all new information announced regarding the re-opening of this casino in the future.

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