Mansion Poker

Posted by admin on September 08, 2014

Mansion Poker, a well known online poker hall announced that at the mid-way through September they will be closing down their operations in the United Kingdom. As of September 15th Mansion Poker will no longer be available in the United Kingdom, the reasoning for their closing is because of the upcoming new regulations being implemented within the UK.


Those punters who play at Mansion Poker have already been expressing their disappointment towards the shut down. Those players are being referred over to TitanBet Poker, an equal poker service that will allow for them to still enjoy an incredible online poker experience. Those VIP Players at Mansion Casino will be able to remain as a VIP Player at TitanBet Poker, allowing for those players to receive a 200% match bonus upon their transfer over to TitanBet.

The United Kingdom Government has initiated the closing of many different online casinos and poker halls within their country. The reasoning for this is because the UK Government is requiring that in the near future all operators who wish to offer their gambling services in the UK will have to pay a tax which would greatly affect their costs. As of right now the steep tax stands at 15%, that tax applies to each software the casino licenses. That means offering dozens of different software’s at one casino would cost more than what the casino could afford.

This announcement was revealed through an email that Mansion Poker sent out to each of their customers, which read: “Due to changing regulations regarding online gaming in the United Kingdom, we must inform you that Mansion Poker is required to close its doors to UK players on September 15th, 2014. As a result, we kindly request that you withdraw any and all funds you have in your Mansion Poker account.”

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