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Dutch Online Gambling Legislation Delays

Posted by admin on August 04, 2014
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Online gambling was once a high and mighty one for the Dutch. It was found to be profitable for nearly all who gambled in Holland and the Netherlands, but unfortunately with the European Union beginning to regulate online gambling, the Dutch did the same. Netherland Officials stated that they have had series delays with legislating the new online gambling laws for Holland and the Netherlands. This comes as a surprise to many as online gambling will be able to bring in a mass amount of taxes for the Netherlands and Holland Governments.

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Unfortunately regulation has been progressing slowly in the European Union. Every country connected to one another in the European Union have been spending time figuring out different laws which would allow them to tax online gambling, fine those who break laws and give them prison time. This takes a long period of time for any government to do, the United Kingdom is nearly finished their regulation. Within the next two years every country in the European Union and surrounding it will offer regulated online gambling. This will allow for Europe to grow like no other economy on the planet.

Dutch Officials have yet to make any comments relating as to when these legislations will be put into office or as to when we can expect legal, regulated online gambling to be a factor within the Netherlands and Holland. We will keep you informed on whatever might occur in the future for online gambling in Holland and the Netherlands.

Big Fish Gaming Releases New Slots

Posted by admin on August 04, 2014
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Big Fish Gaming isn’t your average gaming site. They offer games for multiple different types of gaming including Social Casino Games, PC Games, Mac Games, Instant Play Games and Mobile Slots. Whatever you like Big Fish has it for you to play. Today Big Fish revealed that they have released a series of new slots for their fans to enjoy, these specific slots have been developed for their mobile Big Fish Casino App. The expansion will not only allow for them to grow their repertoire but it will also allow for them to gain new players at the casinos that offer their gambling platform.

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The General Manager at Big Fish Gaming stated the following, “Seventy Six percent of our punters prefer slots over any other game type. It is for this reason that we develop slots over any other casino game and throughout the years we have fine crafted our ability to new heights. We can honestly now say that we provide our gamblers with an experience that cannot be matched by many of our competitors. We can only hope that through these new slots our mobile casino app will be downloaded more and that we’ll be able to gain new players.”

Big Fish Gaming is still a small time software developer in the eyes of the online gambling industry. You can expect to hear more about them in the future, they will eventually become one of the big names in the industry as they are currently on the path to becoming one as of right now.