Evolve Launching In October 2014

Posted by admin on May 28, 2014

Evolve, a new shooter that is being developed by the same creators of Left 4 Dead will be released in October 2014. This information came to light after Valve made a press conference regarding their appearance at E3 2014, no one was expecting for them to make any announcements regarding any of the games that they have in development.


Evolve is a multiplayer video game that requires five players for each match. Four people will play on a squad and use advanced technology to hunt out a beast that they must kill. The fifth player on the other hand is that beast that roams the lands of each multiplayer map. The beast can use his natural abilities of smell to hunt down to four players in a squad and then use his extremely sharp claws to kill them. It won’t be one easy swipe and it won’t take one simple bullet to take down either one of these foes. You will need to persist for a long period of time which results in either all squad mates perishing or the beast dying.

Valve made the statement saying, “Today we want to announce that Evolve will be appearing at E3 2014, we wanted to announce this in order to make fans of Left 4 Dead excited for all of the gameplay and story elements we will be showcasing at this year’s E3. I think what will impress our fans the most is the intensive visuals this game provides, these visuals also being used for the new installment in the Left 4 Dead Franchise.”

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