US Senate In Favor Of Anti-Online Gambling Bill

Posted by admin on April 04, 2014

Jason Chaffetz and Lindsey Graham, two representatives for the US Senate have introduced a bill to the Senate. This bill would take the Wire Act and be re-imagined into a bill that would outlaw every form of online gambling in the United States of America.

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The Wire Act as of right now outlaws every form of online gambling in the USA on a federal level, the only form of gambling that isn’t banned is horse racing. This new bill would set out to make online gambling banned on a Federal and State level, thus by destroying the online gambling industry started in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

There are those politicians who are influenced by lobbyists, these lobbyists will hand over cash donations to these politicians without having any worry of being charged as this is legal in the United States of America. Dianne Feinstein, a Senator is one of the many who has been influenced by lobbyists such as Sheldon Adelson. Senator Kelly Ayotte, another supporter of banning online gambling said: “The wild west has returned on the internet due to online gambling, illegal activity occurs every single day and it is a major issue for law enforcement. If we were to ban online gambling we could focus the efforts of those law enforcement agents over to more serious issues.”

Every single politician isn’t in favor of this bill, a former representative in the US Senate Mary Bono defended online gambling stating, “Those who wish to ban online gambling either own a land based casino or has received cash donations, these cash donations influence politicians to do as the lobbyists want or those donations will no longer become available to them. Congress passing this bill will result in American Gamblers going to offshore illegal gambling related websites. Regardless if online gambling is banned or not. Instead we could legalize it and earn a massive amount of tax revenue each month that could be used to better our country.”

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