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Ubisoft working on new Prince of Persia

Posted by admin on April 28, 2014
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Ubisoft have announced that they are working on a new Prince of Persia title. The new game will be developed under the UbiArt FrameWork Engine and will be two dimensional. This doesn’t come as a shock as Prince of Persia doesn’t have the same appeal that it once did back on the Playstation 2, Xbox and early days of Xbox 360.

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The CEO behind Ubisoft Montreal commented on this announcement, saying: “Prince of Persia has been put on hold on consoles but that doesn’t mean that the series has to be put on hold across all platforms. We have plans to make a completely new Prince of Persia series on mobile devices using our FrameWork Engine. We will be able to create a new visceral experience that old fans will love and new fans will enjoy.”

Continuing Yannis Mallat said, “We’re going to start the game from scratch and give our players a completely new prince set in a different time period. We plan to incorporate new gameplay features that will allow for the 2D Platform design of this game to be exciting while rewarding at the same time.

Ubisofts last console Prince of Persia video game was “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands” and it took on an artistic design element as well, it didn’t do well and neither have the last three mobile Prince of Persia games. The new mobile game will be released in the upcoming month and plans to wow players with its new exciting gameplay experience.

Fire At Gibraltar Upsets Ladbrokes, William Hill and BetFred

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This month there was a fire at Gibraltar, the headquarters for an online gambling regulation and licensing service. Gibraltar had to shut down their operations for a week after a large fire was caused when a fuel tank exploded. It effected every single power system in a two block radius and houses located within the unsafe zone were evacuated from their homes while the fire was being dealt with.


The fire started at one o’clock in the afternoon and didn’t stop until four o’clock in the afternoon. During the blaze the majority of equipment used by Gibraltar was destroyed in the blaze which is why the regulators and licensers have been forced to shut down their operations for a week. This in return has upset several well known casinos in the online gambling market which includes BetFred, Ladbrokes and William Hill.

The reason these operators were upset due to the fire is because they were forced to shut down operations for one day. The fire shut down their gambling networks which meant none of the games they offer could be loaded. Gibraltar took it upon themselves to go to one of their sub-stations and bring equipment that would allow for all of these casinos to resume operations while the main headquarters while still under repairs.

William Hill, BetFred and Ladbrokes alongside all of the other casinos effected by this fire began their operation one day after the headquarters was set on fire.

US Senate In Favor Of Anti-Online Gambling Bill

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Jason Chaffetz and Lindsey Graham, two representatives for the US Senate have introduced a bill to the Senate. This bill would take the Wire Act and be re-imagined into a bill that would outlaw every form of online gambling in the United States of America.

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The Wire Act as of right now outlaws every form of online gambling in the USA on a federal level, the only form of gambling that isn’t banned is horse racing. This new bill would set out to make online gambling banned on a Federal and State level, thus by destroying the online gambling industry started in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

There are those politicians who are influenced by lobbyists, these lobbyists will hand over cash donations to these politicians without having any worry of being charged as this is legal in the United States of America. Dianne Feinstein, a Senator is one of the many who has been influenced by lobbyists such as Sheldon Adelson. Senator Kelly Ayotte, another supporter of banning online gambling said: “The wild west has returned on the internet due to online gambling, illegal activity occurs every single day and it is a major issue for law enforcement. If we were to ban online gambling we could focus the efforts of those law enforcement agents over to more serious issues.”

Every single politician isn’t in favor of this bill, a former representative in the US Senate Mary Bono defended online gambling stating, “Those who wish to ban online gambling either own a land based casino or has received cash donations, these cash donations influence politicians to do as the lobbyists want or those donations will no longer become available to them. Congress passing this bill will result in American Gamblers going to offshore illegal gambling related websites. Regardless if online gambling is banned or not. Instead we could legalize it and earn a massive amount of tax revenue each month that could be used to better our country.”

KGM and Spin Games Available In New Jersey

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Caesars Interactive Entertainment has signed a content supply deal with KGM Gaming and Spin Games LLC. This new content deal will allow for Spin Games and KGM Gaming to enter the online gambling market in New Jersey.

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Due to this deal, both of these developers will now have their games featured of The developers will only be able to provide their portfolio of games to punters located within the borders of New Jersey. The games are hosted through a remote gaming server run by Caesars Interactive and will also be available for mobile devices through an HTML5 Format.
Kent Young, the president behind Spins Games LLC took to the media commenting on the deal, noting: “This content deal stands as a landmark moment four both Spin Games and KGM Games. Our partners at KGM Gaming and ourselves are some of the few developers located in the USA to offer legal casino games to punters.”

Jason Peters, The President of KGM Gaming also added, “The KGM Gaming software development team has been able to aggresively create innovate experiences and challenges for punters to enjoy while gambling. We are finally up and running, the thrill that comes from finally being able to offer your casino games in your own country is astonishing. We can only hope that New Jersey punters will enjoy the experience we have provided to them. Both KGM Gaming and Spin Games LLC have invested in one another, allowing for us to enter a partnership and help better one another so that we may provide a more powerful experience to our punters.”