Nevada Senator Introducing A Bill To Ban Online Gambling

Posted by admin on February 27, 2014

The Las Vegas Review Journal, a news source within the state of Nevada reports on a new bill which will be introduced to the federal government. This new bill is being introduced by Dean Heller, a Senator for Nevada and this bill will allow for online gambling to be banned in the state. Online Poker is the exception which leads reporters to believe that the Senator has some sort of affiliation with an online poker room.

The bill is now being formed with the help of Harry Reid, a fellow Nevada Senator of Mr. Heller’s. The key piece of information that was reported was that this bill will also have the help of Sheldon Adelson and his Coalition. Mr. Heller and Mr. Reid both praised the Sheldon Adelson Coalition group, during their praise they noted that online gambling is one of the more dangerous forms of entertainment within the United States of America.

Mr. Reid has not made any official comments on the new bill they are creating and their hasn’t been any details released on the bill. We presume that this bill will be trying to amend the 1961 Wire Act which currently only prohibits two states from making any transactions with one another.
The majority of political observers have commented on the potential of this bill saying that there is a good chance that this bill will not succeed. We along with many Nevada online hope that this bill is thrown out and never introduced again.

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