Lottomattica Getting Supplied Content From World Match

Posted by admin on November 29, 2013

Online Gambling Software Provider World Match announced this month that it will be providing Lottomattica with its mobile and online slot machine games. This new deal will allow for a series of games to be put onto the Lottomattica casinos. This will allow for World Match to launch their software in the Italian market which will hopefully bring the software developer a wave of new players.

This new deal will give Lottomaticca the opportunity to choose specific World Match slot machines. These slots will then be put onto their mobile/online casinos in the Italian Market. These new slots will also come with a progressive jackpot allowing for players to land on some pretty big wins.

Commenting on the release of this new deal is the Executive Director of Lottomaticca Andrea Boratto and she said, “Having be able to gain an extensive knowledge on online gambling and experience in international markets me and my company will be able to bring the World Match software to the Italian Market in full swing. We will choose the games that appeal to our players, that way their needs and tastes can be met which in return will allow for World Match to become more popular in Italy.

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