Online Poker Traffic Up for the week

Posted by admin on October 31, 2013

PokerScout is a online website that studies the online poker traffic from a variety of different poker rooms. This week PokerScout reported that they saw a massive increase in online poker traffic over the past week. The numbers have increased by five percent which is a major hike compared to normal weeks.

PokerScout presumes that this massive jump in online poker gambling is due to the horrible weather that has been occurring all over Europe. People aren’t going outside in the rain or cold which allows for online gambling to see massive increases in player activity. PokerScout hasn’t seen an increase of online poker traffic like this since June. All of the top poker rooms including Bodog saw the massive increases in player activity while the lesser known poker rooms only got a slight increase in player activity.

The horrible weather in Europe allowed for certain poker rooms within the USA to gain a player increase in activity as well. The Nevada based poker room Ultimate Poker gained major increased in player activity and so did

This has been a very positive week for online poker rooms. This increase in player activity means more profit for the poker rooms. Even though the number are in favor for this week the overall activity for international poker traffic has gone down 9% since last year. We still have a couple of more months in 2013 and we hope that the future winter season will bring a positive end to the year for online poker rooms all across the world.

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